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Sun Rack II Power Distribution Units User's Guide

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Updated: September 2020

Set the PDU System Time

Use the HTML interface to set the PDU time and configure the NTP server.

Note -  Screenshots with the reset functionality are from FW version 2.01. The reset functionality is not available beginning with FW version 2.02.
  1. Log in to the PDU metering unit.

    See Access a Metering Unit on the Network (Enhanced PDU).

  2. Click on the Net Configuration link and log in as an admin user.

    See Login Information.

  3. Select the System Time tab.
    image:Figure showing system time page.
  4. Enter the current date and time and click submit.
  5. If necessary for your location, enable daylight saving time and click submit.

    Note -  Enabling daylight saving time will add an hour to the previously set time. The time will not automatically return to standard time when daylight saving time ends. Disable this setting once Daylight Saving Time ends for your location.

    image:Figure showing the location of the Daylight Savings Time (DTS)                             setting.
  6. Configure the NTP server and click submit.

    Note -  If the NTP is not enabled, rebooting the PDU resets the date to 1970 January 1.