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Sun Rack II Power Distribution Units User's Guide

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Updated: September 2020

Add Users and Change Passwords (Enhanced PDU)

You can set up to five PDU users, including the admin user.

See Login Information.

  1. Access the PDU metering unit from a system on the network.

    See Access a Metering Unit on the Network (Enhanced PDU).

  2. Click on the Net Configuration link and log in as admin.

    See Login Information.

  3. Select the HTTP-Access tab.
  4. Add up to five users.

    Type in a name and password for each user, re-enter the password for each user, and designate the user as an admin or a user. If you change the admin user name or password, write the name and password down and save it in a secure location.

    Note -  Starting with FW 2.02, the username requires six characters and the password requires a minimum of eight characters.
    Characters (ISO - 8859-1)
    Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, and Numbers
    Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, Numbers, and Special Characters (!, “, #, $, %, &, ???, (, ), *, +, -, @)

    image:Figure showing how to set the PDU user names and                                 passwords.
  5. Click the Submit button to set the PDU users and passwords.