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Sun Rack II Power Distribution Units User's Guide

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Updated: September 2020

Compact PDU Installation Locations

You can install up to six compact PDUs, three per side, in a Sun Rack II cabinet.

Secure the compact PDU to the rack frame using the two mounting brackets that shipped with the PDU. While these mounting brackets permit you to install the PDU anywhere on the rear rack frame, install new compact PDUs from the bottom of the rack up. The following figure and table display the compact PDU installation locations and spacing on the rear rack rail.

Note -  Once installed, it is challenging to reposition a compact PDU in the rack. If you are installing only one compact PDU, install it at the bottom of the rack to leave room for additional compact PDUs.
image:Figure showing the locations of compact PDUs installed in a                         rack. Table 10  Compact PDU Locations on the Rear Rack Frame
Measurement From Bottom of Rack Frame
Top of third PDU top mounting bracket
1775 mm / 69.88 in.
Bottom of third PDU
1220 mm / 48.03 in.
Top of second PDU top mounting bracket
1210 mm / 47.64 in.
Bottom of second PDU
655 mm / 25.79 in.
Top of first PDU top mounting bracket
645 mm / 25.39 in.
Bottom of first PDU
90 mm / 3.54 in.