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Sun Rack II Power Distribution Units User's Guide

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Updated: September 2020

Connect an Enhanced PDU to a Static IP Address Network Through a SER MGT Port

  1. If you have already connected the PDU's power input leads to the AC power source, disconnect the power input leads to power off the PDU.
  2. Connect an RS-232 cable between the SET MGT port and the host.
  3. Connect all the PDU power input leads to the AC power source.
  4. Configure the host's terminal or terminal emulator.

    See Terminal Configuration Settings.

  5. At the terminal device, log in to the PDU metering unit as admin.

    See Login Information.

  6. After successful login, type.
    pducli -> set net_ipv4_dhcp=Off
    pducli -> set net_ipv4_ipaddr=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    pducli -> set net_ipv4_subnet=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    pducli -> set net_ipv4_gateway=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    pducli -> set net_ipv4_dns1=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    pducli -> set net_ipv4_dns2=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    pducli -> reset=yes
  7. To verify that the settings are correct, connect an Ethernet cable between the NET MGT and the network.

    Note -  HTTPS is the default setting.
  8. Type the IP address in a browser window.

    If the network configuration was successful, the browser displays the Metering Overview page.

    image:Figure showing Metering Overview page.
  9. Click on the Net Configuration link found in the upper left side of the page to view the IP settings.