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Sun Rack II Power Distribution Units User's Guide

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Updated: September 2020

Monitor the Enhanced PDU (LCD Screen)

Using the metering unit's LCD screen, you can monitor how much power and current the equipment attached to the PDU uses, as well as the voltage level powering the equipment.

  1. Locate the PDU you want to monitor in the rack.

    You might need to open the rack's rear door to access the PDU.

  2. Locate the metering unit on the PDU.

    You can find the metering unit in the middle of the PDU.

  3. Check the metering unit's LCD screen to view the current, voltage, and power being used by the equipment connected to each PDU input.

    The LCD screen displays the current measurements of all of the phases of each PDU input. See Understanding the Relationship Between Inputs and Outlet Groups for a description of PDU inputs.

    • Press the Select Attribute button to select the parameter displayed.
    • If your PDU has more than one input, press the Select Input button to cycle through the available inputs.
    • For easier viewing, you can rotate the screen in 90-degree intervals by pressing the Select Attribute button for longer than 1 second. See Adjust the LCD Screen (Enhanced PDU) for more information.
      image:Figure showing the components of the PDU metering                                         unit's LCD screen.
      Input number
      Attribute current, voltage or power
      Measured value being used by the equipment connected to the PDU phase