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Sun Rack II Power Distribution Units User's Guide

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Updated: September 2020

Prepare to Install a Standard PDU

  1. Unpack the PDU from its packaging and place it on a clean work table.

    Included with the PDU are two PDU mounting brackets, a cable routing bracket, screws, and washers.

  2. Open the rear door of the rack and determine where to install the PDU.

    You can install up to two PDUs, one per side, into the Sun Rack II cabinet. You can install these PDUs anywhere between the rear RETMA rail and the rack's rear frame. Provide adequate space to route the power input lead cords and any equipment data cables.

  3. Attach an antistatic strap to your wrist and to a 10 mm ESD grounding snap on the rack.

    See Attach an Antistatic Wrist Strap and Attach a Grounding Strap.

  4. Using a T-30 Torx wrench key, secure the top and bottom PDU mounting brackets to the top rack frame using two M6 screws per bracket.

    See the following figure, panels 1 and 2.

    Each mounting bracket contains two additional screw holes used to secure a PDU to the bracket when a PDU ships in a rack from the factory. Ignore these shipping screw holes when installing the PDU into the rack.

    image:Figure showing the installation of the PDU into a Sun Rack II                                 cabinet.
  5. Install a standard PDU into the rack.

    See Install a Standard PDU.