The MySQL database included with the Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform (Windows only) is provided so that customers can become familiar with Oracle ATG Web Commerce products. You will need to install a production-ready database before you can begin building your Web application. The following sections describe how to create and configure your production database:

The information in this chapter focuses specifically on Commerce databases. For general information on production database configurations, requirements, and performance enhancements, refer to the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide.

Use the Configuration and Installation Manager (CIM) for database configuration. CIM ensures that all product dependencies are taken into account and that all scripts are run in the correct schema. It also greatly simplifies data source configuration. If you are using CIM, most of the information in this chapter can be used for reference only.

Warning: If your product stack includes Oracle ATG Web Commerce Merchandising, and you are not using CIM to configure your database, see the ATG Merchandising Administration Guide for instructions on creating the database tables you need.

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