In Oracle ATG Web Commerce, you can use the CommerceItemManager (class atg.commerce.order.CommerceItemManager) to manage the return of items in an Order. Call CommerceItemManager.returnCommerceItem() to mark a given CommerceItem as returned. This method does the following:

After the item is returned, the quantity of the CommerceItem reflects the final quantity that was purchased. The quantity property of the ShippingGroupCommerceItemRelationship reflects the quantity that was shipped, and its returnedQuantity reflects that quantity of the CommerceItem that was returned.

The store credit system in Oracle ATG Web Commerce can also manage the return of items. The Claimable Repository contains a storeCreditClaimable item that includes the following properties:

To modify an existing store credit account (for example, to increase the amount of remaining credit), call the ClaimableManager.updateClaimableStoreCredit() method. To create a new store credit account for a user or organization, call the ClaimableManager.createClaimableStoreCredit() method (atg.commerce.claimable.ClaimableManager) to create the new store credit and then call the ClaimableManager.initializeClaimableStoreCredit() method to set its initial values.

Note that only one store credit account can exist for a given user or organization.

For more information on the Claimable Repository, including gift certificates, see the Configuring Commerce Services chapter.

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