The SKU item has the same set of media properties that categories and products have: template, thumbnailImage, smallImage, largeImage, and auxiliaryMedia. Your sites may not need all of these properties. For example, at most commerce sites, each SKU would not be displayed in its own template page. More commonly, a product’s template page displays all of the child SKUs of the product.

Categories, products, and SKUs all have the same set of media properties in order to give you as much flexibility as possible. Depending on how your sites are organized, you might want to associate certain media items with products rather than SKUs, or vice versa. For example, if SKUs are differentiated by a visible characteristic such as color, you might want to have different images for each SKU, rather than having a single set of images associated with the parent product. If each product has only one SKU, you could even change the repository definition to remove the product item type entirely.

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