The atg.commerce.pricing.PricingCommerceItem is a simple CommerceItem used as a placeholder while pricing items. This CommerceItem cannot be added to an order.

The pricing engines can compute prices only within the context of a CommerceItem. There may be times, however, when you want to price an entity for a customer and no CommerceItem is available. This problem is most evident when prices are shown for products in the catalog. Products and SKUs are usually represented by RepositoryItems, which the pricing engines do not handle. PricingCommerceItem is a CommerceItem class into which you can plug the product and SKU objects. The item pricing servlet beans deal with input, which are plain RepositoryItems, and “convert” them to CommerceItems.

These CommerceItems cannot be used in the default order management system. Use the OrderManager APIs to add a CommerceItem to an order.

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