The ApprovalFormHandler form handler (class atg..approval.ApprovalFormHandler) processes an approver’s approval or rejection of an order. The ApprovalFormHandler class contains two handle methods, handleApproveOrder and handleRejectOrder. You can associate these handle methods with Submit properties in the following manner:

<input type=submit bean="ApprovalFormHandler.approveOrder" value=" Approve Order">
<input type=submit bean="ApprovalFormHandler.rejectOrder" value=" Reject Order">

If the handleApproveOrder method is called for ApprovalFormHandler.approveOrder, the handleApproveOrder method executes the orderApproved pipeline chain. Similarly, if the handleRejectOrder method is called for ApprovalFormHandler.rejectOrder, the handleRejectOrder method executes the orderRejected pipeline chain.

Refer to Implementing an Order Approval Process chapter of the ATG Commerce Guide to Setting Up a Store for a JSP code example that uses ApprovalFormHandler. Refer to Appendix F, Pipeline Chains for more information about the orderApproved and orderRejected chains.

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