If you are using Oracle ATG Web Commerce’s multisite feature, you may want to provide users with the ability to compare products across multiple sites. You do not need to do any additional configuration to use this feature; the ProductComparisonList is registered as a shareable component by default and works the same way in a multisite environment as in a single site. The ProductComparisonList, ProductComparisonList.Entry, and ProductListContains classes are all site-aware by default.

Note: The product comparison list does not prevent users from adding the same product to a list from different sites.

The shareable Nucleus component that refers to the ProductComparisonList is located at /atg/commerce/ShoppingCartShareableType. By default, the ProductComparisonList is registered as a shareable component:


See the ATG Multisite Administration Guide for information on shareable components and how to use sharing groups in your multisite configuration.

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