The Order repository is the layer between Oracle ATG Web Commerce and the database server. The repository is where Orders are saved after processing and stored in between customers’ visits. It is implemented using a SQL repository.

The Order repository definition file defines the item descriptors for all commerce classes; for every class that is saved, there exists a corresponding item descriptor. Each item descriptor defines a repository item type that describes all the properties that are common to the repository items of that type. Additionally, each item descriptor subtype inherits all of the properties of its parent item descriptor. For example, the hardgoodShippingGroup item descriptor extends the shippingGroup item descriptor, so it inherits all of the properties of the shippingGroup item descriptor.

The Order repository definition file is located at <ATG10dir>/DCS/config/atg/commerce/order/orderrepository.xml.

The beanNameToItemDescriptorMap property of the OrderTools component maps the Order repository item descriptors to bean names (see the beanNameToItemDescriptorMap section in this chapter for details). In Oracle ATG Web Commerce, the processors that save and load an Order look for an item descriptor that is mapped to the corresponding commerce object class; the beanNameToItemDescriptorMap property contains this mapping.

For more information about the OrderTools component, see the OrderTools section of this chapter. For information about saving and loading orders, see the Configuring Purchase Process Services chapter. For more information on SQL repositories, see the ATG Repository Guide.

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