The InvoiceManager class provides high-level access for creating, manipulating, saving and deleting Invoice objects in the Invoice Repository. Each action leads to execution of a pipeline chain, described later in this section. The InvoiceManager methods are:




Adds a new Invoice repository item to the repository.


Creates a new Invoice repository item.


Gets the invoice with the specified repository id.


Loads all invoices with a given invoice number. This method returns a list because an invoice number may not be unique. It is possible to have several invoices with the same invoice number but different repository id’s, for example if a new invoice is generated to reflect partial payment of an order and a reduction in the balance due. In most cases, however, this method returns a list containing only a single invoice.


Generates the next unique invoice number to use.


Loads the invoice identified by a given repository id and executes the loadInvoice pipeline chain. See Invoice Pipelines for more information.


Removes the specified invoice from the repository.


Updates invoice properties in the invoice repository and sets the repository item’s lastModified property to the current date and time.

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