This section describes the process of switching the data source used by the product catalog and price lists on your Web sites.

When you perform a database switch, you must do so on each DRP server instance in an Oracle ATG Web Commerce server cluster. This is necessary because the SwitchingDataSource components on separate instances do not synchronize themselves. Consequently, for each DRP server instance, you need to connect to the server’s Admin port, access the Commerce Administration UI, and perform the database switch.

Follow these steps to switch the data source currently used by the product catalog and price lists on your Web sites.

  1. Access the main Commerce Administration page of the Dynamo Administration UI using the port appropriate for your application server. See the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide to find the default port. For example, on JBoss the default URL is:


    Note: Your application must include the Dynamo Administration UI module in order for you to view this page.

  2. Click the Switch Commerce Data link.

    The system displays the Product Catalog and Price Lists Switch page.

    The names and paths of the available data sources are listed. The data source currently used is displayed below the table.

  3. Select the name of the data source to which you want to switch from the drop-down list at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click the Prepare for Switch button.

    The system prepares for the switch by sending events to each of the repositories that are using the switching data source. Each repository performs any functions needed to prepare for a switch.

    When preparation is complete, the following message displays at the top of the Switch the Product Catalog’s and Price List’s Data Sources: Switch page: “Now that you have prepared the data source, you can finish the switch.”

  5. Click the Switch button to complete the switch.

    When the switch is complete, the page displays the following message: “You have finished switching the data source used by the Product Catalog and the Price Lists.” The data source to which you just switched is now listed as the current data source.

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