The Oracle ATG Web Commerce profile tools class (atg.commerce.profile.CommerceProfileTools) is a subclass of atg.userprofiling.ProfileTools. It provides additional methods to access commerce specific profile properties such as shipping and billing addresses and credit card information. The Commerce Property Manager (atg.commerce.profile.CommercePropertyManager) is a subclass of atg.userprofiling.PropertyManager. It provides additional access to profile property names specific to Commerce customers that are used by CommerceProfileTools.

For example, a registered Commerce customer may have multiple shipping addresses. These different shipping addresses are managed by the CommerceProfileTools component. This extension of the tools component provides methods to create, delete and update profile repository shipping addresses as well as to retrieve all shipping addresses. The shipping address property names are stored in CommercePropertyManager. This provides a convenient central location to store property names that may change depending on the site.

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