Oracle ATG Web Commerce uses similar mechanisms for assigning catalogs and price lists to customer profiles. It adds CatalogProfilePropertySetter and PriceListProfilePropertySetter components to the profilePropertySetters property of the /atg/dynamo/servlet/dafpipeline/ProfilePropertyServlet component in the DAF servlet pipeline:


To set the profile’s priceList and salePriceList properties, the PriceListProfilePropertySetter component calls the /atg/commerce/pricing/priceLists/PriceListManager component’s determinePriceList method, which calls the /atg/commerce/util/ContextValueRetriever component. If this component’s useProfile property is false (the default), the following logic is applied:

For details on the ContextValueRetriever, including information on when you should override the useProfile property for price lists, see ContextValueRetriever Class.

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