If you have not used CIM to create your Oracle ATG Web Commerce tables, you can create them using the scripts described in this section.

  1. Create tables for Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform by following the instructions provided in the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide.

  2. Create tables for Oracle ATG Web Commerce by running the dcs_ddl.sql script from the following directory:


    Note that if you want to run the Motorprise Reference Application, you can instead follow the instructions provided in Creating Motorprise Reference Application Tables.

The dcs_ddl.sql script includes the subscripts listed in the table below. If necessary, you can run these subscripts individually from the following directory:

production_core schema
publishing schema

The following scripts can be found in the <ATG10dir>/DCS/sql/db_components/database-vendor directory:

For descriptions of individual Oracle ATG Web Commerce database tables, see Appendix B, Oracle ATG Web Commerce Databases.

If you are using an Oracle or MSSQL database with Commerce, see Using Oracle ATG Web Commerce with an Oracle Database and Using Oracle ATG Web Commerce with an MSSQL Database respectively for important information.

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