The executeFulfillOrderFragment chain verifies that each shipping group is in a state that is ready for fulfillment, and sends FulfillOrderFragment messages out to the appropriate fulfillers.

The following sections describe each processor in the pipeline chain.


Attempts to verify that the shipping groups can be fulfilled by the default fulfiller using the verifyShippingGroupsForFulfiller method of OrderFulfillmentTools. The state of the shipping group is set to PENDING_MERCHANT_ACTION if either of the following is true:

Transactional mode: TX_MANDATORY

Nucleus component: /atg/commerce/fulfillment/processor/VerifyShippingGroupsForFulfillers

PipelineProcessor object: atg.commerce.fulfillment.processor.ProcVerifyShippingGroupsForFulfillers

Transitions: Return value of 1 executes the sendFulfillOrderFragment processor.


Sets the order’s and all the shipping groups’ states to PROCESSING, then builds a FulfillOrderFragment message and sends it using JMS.

Transactional mode: TX_MANDATORY

Nucleus component: /atg/commerce/fulfillment/processor/SendFulfillOrderFragment

PipelineProcessor object: atg.commerce.fulfillment.processor.ProcSendFulfillOrderFragment

Transitions: None. This is the last link in the chain and causes the PipelineManager to return to the caller.

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