If Oracle ATG Web Commerce is not your usual tool for creating and maintaining promotions, you will need to import promotions you create in your external system into Commerce for pricing purposes. Commerce includes an API that allows you to build custom code for this purpose.

If you are using promotions templates, importing promotions is as simple as specifying which template to use and the placeholder values. If you are not using templates, you must first build the PMDL for your promotions.

You can import promotions on either a production instance or an asset management instance. If the latter, the import automatically takes the form of a Content Administration project. This topic is addressed in the Configuring the PromotionImportWorkflowAutomator Component section.

If you are using Commerce to create and maintain promotions, but need to access them in a third-party system, you can export your promotions using a similar mechanism. In this case, you are responsible for understanding the third-party system’s requirements.

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