The following table describes common terms used in pricing. Each of these terms is described in detail in the chapters that follow.

Pricing Term



An object that looks at all or part of an Order and returns a price. See the Commerce Pricing Calculators chapter for information.

Pricing Model Definition Language (PMDL)

Describes promotions. This includes the discount rules for when a promotion may apply (the condition), the rules for what may be discounted (the offer), and how to apply the discount (for example, 10% off).

The ACC includes an interface for creating rules, as does Oracle ATG Web Commerce Merchandising; see the ATG Commerce Guide to Setting Up a Store and the ATG Merchandising Guide for Business Users


An object that contains the price of part of an order. There are four main kinds of priceInfo objects: OrderPriceInfo, ItemPriceInfo, ShippingPriceInfo, and TaxPriceInfo. There is also a DetailedItemPriceInfo, which is described with the ItemPriceInfo object. See the Price Holding Classes section of the Base Commerce Pricing Engines chapter.


Describes why and how a particular price was changed. It includes a description of the change and the amount. It also contains the promotion (if any) that triggered the change. See the DetailedItemPriceInfo object for information.


Provides the items being priced, the order, the site, the promotion, the locale, and the profile used when a price was calculated. It can also include secondary information not applicable in all cases, such as the shipping group.


A repository item that describes a discount. It includes a PMDL rule and the discount type and amount. It also contains information about when the pricing model may be used, including upsell information if applicable.


Allows you to offer periodic discounts on specific products or groups of products. See PMDL and PricingModel in this table, and the Understanding Promotions chapter.


A service that interprets a PMDL rule and decides what, if anything, may be discounted.


The first part of a PMDL rule, which defines when something can receive a discount.


The second part of a PMDL rule, which defines which part of an order receives a discount.

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