As described in Configuring Commerce Options in Site Administration, you select default catalog and (optionally) price lists for each site in your multisite environment during initial configuration. This section describes how Oracle ATG Web Commerce determines which catalog and price lists to assign to the user’s profile when a user visits a given site, allowing the appropriate items to display.

For the profile’s catalog property, the /atg/userprofiling/CatalogProfilePropertySetter component calls the determineCatalog method of the /atg/commerce/catalog/CatalogTools component. This method invokes the /atg/commerce/util/ContextValueRetriever component. If this component’s useProfile property is false (the default), the following logic is applied:

  • If there is a current site (the application is running in a multisite environment), use the value of the defaultCatalog property of the siteConfiguration item for the current site.

  • Otherwise, use the value of the defaultCatalog property of the CatalogTools component.

Similar logic is used to set the profile’s priceList and salePriceList properties. The /atg/userprofiling/PriceListProfilePropertySetter component calls the /atg/commerce/pricing/priceLists/PriceListManager component’s determinePriceList method, which calls ContextValueRetriever.

For more information on the ContextValueRetriever, see ContextValueRetriever Class.

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