The ConfigurableItemPriceListCalculator calculator assumes the ItemListPriceCalculator has already run. ItemListPriceCalculator calculator sets the list price and the amount of the ItemPriceInfo based on the price of the ConfigurableSku. The ConfigurableItemPriceListCalculator calculator then iterates through the subSKUs and modifies the list price and amount accordingly.

For example, consider a situation when a parentSKU is $5, subSKU A is $2 and subSKU B is $1. If we buy two of this configurable SKU, then coming into this calculator the listPrice will be $5 and the amount will be $10. After the ConfigurableItemPriceListCalculator calculator runs the listPrice will be $8 and the amount will be $16.

The ConfigurableItemPriceListCalculator component is located in the ACC at atg/commerce/pricing/calculators/ConfigurableItemPriceListCalculator. For more information on this calculator, see the Price List Calculators section of the Using Price Lists chapter.

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