The Oracle ATG Web Commerce profile form handler (atg.commerce.profile.CommerceProfileFormHandler) is a subclass of atg.userprofiling.ProfileFormHandler. It performs operations specific to Commerce. For example, an anonymous user can accumulate promotions in their activePromotions attribute. During login, the anonymous user’s active promotions are copied into the list of active promotions of the persistent user. During the registration and login process, any shopping carts (Orders) created before logging in are changed to be persistent.

If the user’s persistent profile contains any old shopping carts (Orders in an incomplete state), these shopping carts are loaded into the user’s session. After log in, the PricingModelHolder component is reinitialized to cache all the promotions that the persistent user has accumulated during previous sessions. These operations are performed by overriding the addPropertiesOnLogin, postCreateUser and postLoginUser methods from the ProfileFormHandler.

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