The recalcPaymentGroupAmounts pipeline chain regenerates the amount that must be assigned to each PaymentGroup in the Order. The recalcPaymentGroupAmounts pipeline chain is executed by the recalculatePaymentGroupAmounts() method in the OrderManager. The recalculatePaymentGroupAmounts() method adds the given Order and OrderManager to its parameter list, which is supplied to the executing chain. The pipeline chain’s transaction mode is TX_REQUIRED.

The following section describes the processor in the pipeline chain.


This processor sets the amount property of each PaymentGroup in the Order based on the Relationships in each PaymentGroup. This amount is the amount that will ultimately be debited by the PaymentManager.

Transactional mode: TX_MANDATORY

Nucleus component: /atg/commerce/order/processor/SetPaymentGroupAmount

PipelineProcessor object: atg.commerce.order.processor.ProcSetPaymentGroupAmount

Transitions: None, this is the only link in the chain and will cause the PipelineManager to return to the caller.

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