Oracle ATG Web Commerce supports three pricing model options: SKU-based pricing alone, price lists alone, and a combination of both. In the combination case, your pricing system is configured to use price lists, but if no price is found in the lists you have specified, it falls back to the catalog price. Consider using combined price lists and SKU-based pricing if most of your customers pay the same prices for most of your products, with only a few variations.

To use this pricing method, create the price lists as normal; however, your lists need only include the specific products for which you want to offer multiple prices. Then configure the following two properties of the atg.commerce.pricing.priceLists.ItemPriceCalculator component:


Which ItemPriceCalculator component to configure depends on the desired behavior. For example, if you want to allow missing non-sale prices to use SKU pricing, configure the ItemPriceListCalculator as shown:


Note that the component being configured is the PriceListCalculator, and the path points to the ListPriceCalculator. See the Price List Calculators section of this chapter for further information on these components.

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