The SKU item has four price properties: wholesalePrice, listPrice, onSale, and salePrice. These list and sale price calculators use these properties in the Pricing Engine.

ListPrice is required, but the wholesalePrice and salePrice can be undefined. WholesalePrice is not used by the pricing calculators. When the sale price is defined and onSale is set to true, the pricing calculators assume the SKU is on sale and adjust the price. Placing the prices at the SKU level allows each individual SKU to have its own price, but adds complexity to pricing administration. If your product catalog does not need to price each SKU separately, then the listPrice, salePrice, and onSale properties can be moved to the product item type to simplify maintenance. If the price properties are moved, the list and sale price calculators will require a small change in configuration. For more information, see the Commerce Pricing Calculators chapter of this manual.

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