The event messages generated by the purchase process are sent at various points in the purchase process. These include messages that are sent when a product or category is browsed, when an item is added or removed from the order and when an order has been submitted for fulfillment (checkout complete).

Note: This section is for reference. These messages are generated automatically during the purchase process.




Sent when an item is added to an order. Includes order ID, commerce item ID, site ID, and JMS message type


Sent when an item is removed from an order. Includes the order ID, commerce item ID and the JMS message type


Sent when an order has been submitted for fulfillment (checkout complete). Includes the serialized order, the JMS message type


Sent when a product or a category is browsed, includes the repository name, the item type, the repository id and the serialized repository item object.

Oracle ATG Web Commerce factions include giving promotions to customers when they add a particular item to their order or browse a particular product or category. Additionally, confirmation e-mail is sent through a scenario that is listening for the Submitorder message.

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