Oracle ATG Web Commerce enables you to build sites that support simple or complex purchasing processes. A simple purchase process might provide customers with a single shopping cart, and enable customers to purchase products using a single payment method and to ship those products to a single location. In contrast, a more complex purchase process might include multiple shopping carts, payment methods, and shipping locations. You can use Commerce to customize a purchase process that fills all the requirements of your sites.

This chapter includes information on the following purchase process services:

Loading Orders
Describes the process involved in loading an Order from the Order Repository. Includes information on how the purchase process manages refreshing Orders.

Modifying Orders
Describes how to modify an Order using the catalogRefId of a CommerceItem or the ID of a ShippingGroupCommerceItemRelationship. Includes information on adding items to an Order, removing items from an Order, and modifying item quantities in an Order.

Repricing Orders
Describes how to reprice and update an Order using the RepriceOrderDroplet servlet bean.

Saving Orders
Describes the process involved in saving an Order to the Order Repository.

Canceling Orders
Describes the process involved in deleting an Order from the user’s shopping cart.

Checking Out Orders
Describes the process involved in preparing a simple or complex Order for checkout, submitting the Order for checkout, and actually checking out the Order.

Processing Payment of Orders
Describes how payment of Orders is processed. Also describes how to extend the system to support new payment operations and payment methods.

Scheduling Recurring Orders
Describes how to create recurring Orders that automatically submit themselves on a schedule.

Setting Restrictions on Orders
Describes how to set restrictions on placing Orders.

Tracking the Shopping Process
Describes how to track stages an Order goes through in the purchase process.

Troubleshooting Order Problems
Provides important information if you have modified the OrderManager and are now experiencing problems with orders.

Handling Returned Items
Describes how the purchase process handles returned items.

Extending the Oracle ATG Web Commerce Form Handlers
Describes how the Oracle ATG Web Commerce form handlers manage transactions. Also provides information to assist you when extending them.

For detailed information on the various classes and interfaces used in theCommerce purchase process, see the Working With Purchase Process Objects chapter.

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