The atg.commerce.pricing.QualifiedItem class holds information about a CommerceItem that qualifies for a discount. Each CommerceItem is paired with a DiscountStructure object, which contains discount information to apply.

Each QualifiedItem contains a single DiscountStructure to be applied to a quantity of a given CommerceItem. If multiple discounts within a single promotion apply to a single CommerceItem, multiple QualifiedItem objects are returned. For example, a single item might qualify for two discounts within a single promotion, one for $10 off and a second for an additional $5 off. In that case, two QualfiedItem objects are returned. (Note that this is a highly unusual case; the default behavior is to prevent a single item from receiving multiple discounts.)

Unlike a QualifiedItem, a MatchingObject can contain multiple discount structures. The usual purpose of PMDL containing multiple discount structures is to discount one set of items by one discount and a different set of items by the second discount. Note that the Oracle ATG Web Commerce Merchandising promotions user interface does not support assigning multiple discount structures in a single promotion; however, you can create custom templates that include this ability.

QualifiedItems are returned from the Qualifier.findQualifyingItems method. The QualifiedItem class contains the following properties:

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