The ClaimableManager component (/atg/commerce/claimable/ClaimableManager) provides higher level access to the repository and is the mechanism that most applications use to interact with the claimable item functionality. It provides the ability to claim items, initialize them, and then perform functions that are specific to one type of claimable item, thus combining several smaller functions from the ClaimableTools package.

An example of how the ClaimableManager component can layer together several pieces of functionality from the ClaimableTools package is as follows: when a user claims an item by entering a code for a gift certificate, the ClaimableManager component attempts to claim the item through the ClaimableTools package. Then it attempts to adjust the status of the item to a claimed status, also through the ClaimableTools package.

Other examples of functions that the ClaimableManager component provides are as follows:

The ClaimableManager also handles coupon functionality. For example, if you are using Oracle ATG Web Commerce’s multisite feature, the ClaimableManager can check the user’s site against the list of sites for which the coupon is valid before allowing it to be claimed.

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