The validateShippingInfo pipeline chain validates the ShippingGroups in the Order. The validateShippingInfo pipeline chain is executed by the validateShippingGroupsChainId() method in the ShippingGroupFormHandler. The pipeline chain’s transaction mode is TX_REQUIRED.

The following section describes the processor in the pipeline chain.


This processor validates ShippingGroups before checking an Order out. This processor checks that all CommerceItems in the Order are assigned to ShippingGroups and that all the required fields in all the ShippingGroups, regardless of type, are not null or empty String.

Transactional mode: TX_MANDATORY

Nucleus component: /atg/commerce/order/processor/ValidateShippingGroupsForCheckout

PipelineProcessor object: atg.commerce.order.processor.ProcValidateShippingGroupsFor

Transitions: None, this is the only link in the chain and will cause the PipelineManager to return to the caller.

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