The next several chapters discuss the Oracle ATG Web Commerce pricing services. This chapter provides an introduction to concepts and terms, while those that follow provide details on the default services and the ways you can extend them.

Pricing services in Commerce provide a flexible system for personalizing the prices of items in your product catalog. Just as you can personalize content for every shopper who visits your sites, you can tailor prices and generate them dynamically on demand. You can also set up coupons, sales, and other promotions, target them for appropriate visitors, associate them with sites in a multisite environment, and use them in dynamic pricing situations.

Commerce pricing services include a set of standard features that are designed to handle the pricing demands of most Web sites. If your sites require additional functionality, you can write a new implementation of the many public pricing APIs that the product supplies.

This chapter provides an overview of the provided classes and components that make up the pricing system. It includes the following sections:

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