The atg.commerce.pricing.ShippingCalculatorImpl class is an abstract class that acts as a starting point for general price calculation in shipping groups. The implementation of priceShippingGroup checks that there are items in the shipping group. If there are no items, the price quote is reset to zero. If there are items to price for shipping, the performPricing method confirms that the items in the group should be priced. For example, soft goods, such as gift certificates, should not be priced for shipping.

When extending this class, implement the getAmount method as the base shipping cost in this calculator.

The amount returned is set into the ShippingPriceInfo. If the addAmount property is true, the amount returned is added to the current ShippingPriceInfo amount. This behavior allows for the addition of surcharges.

Set the shippingMethod property to the name of a particular delivery process that your sites offer, for example ground, 2-day or next day. If the ignoreShippingMethod property is true, then the calculator does not expose a shipping method name (through getAvailableMethods). In addition, this calculator always attempts to perform pricing. This option is useful for situations in which you do not want to give customers a choice of different shipping methods.

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