The media-internal sub-types differ only in the way the data property is defined. The data property is either binary (for media-internal-binary items) or text (for media-internal-text items).

The media-internal item types define their own length and lastModified properties. The mimeType property is a user-defined property that is computed by the MimeTyperPropertyDescriptor class, which determines the value from the name property.

The url property of the media-internal item types is a user-defined property computed by the atg.distributor.DistributorPropertyDescriptor class. When a customer accesses a media-internal-binary or media-internal-text item, the /atg/commerce/catalog/ContentDistributorPool service extracts the content from the database and generates a URL to make the item accessible to a web browser.

For more information about configuring content distributors, see the Content Distribution chapter of the ATG Platform Programming Guide.

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