Oracle ATG Web Commerce includes page-based and scenario-based tools that let you add, remove, and check for business process stages. For the shopping process, these include the following servlet beans and scenario elements:


Servlet Bean

Scenario Element

Add a shopping process stage


Add Stage Reached

Remove a shopping process stage


Remove Stage(s) Reached

Check if a shopping process stage has been reached


Has Reached Stage

Check the most recent shopping process stage that has been reached


Most Recent Stage Reached

These servlet beans are instances of classes in the atg.markers.bp.droplets package, each with the default process name set to ShoppingProcess. See Appendix: ATG Commerce Servlet Beans in the ATG Commerce Guide to Setting Up a Store for reference information about these servlet beans. You can use the servlet beans to the checkout pages of a Commerce application to add, remove, and check shopping process stages. You can as an alternative use the corresponding scenario elements in a scenario. For example, you could create a scenario like this:

The business stage scenario elements are described in the Creating Scenarios chapter of the ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users.

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