Along with other common promotion elements, you can include promotion upsell opportunities in your promotion template. To do so, create a screen-segment within the ui-description to contain the upsell information. The screen-segment should contain one or more line elements to provide the closeness qualifier information.

The screen-segment should also include the display-once=true attribute. In Oracle ATG Web Commerce Merchandising, users can create promotion upsells directly from a promotion only during the initial promotion creation (additional options are available to users for creating promotion upsells; see the ATG Merchandising Guide for Business Users).

For example, consider a promotion “Spend over $100, get free shipping”. The closeness qualifier in this case is “spend over $X”. The user interface for this would be similar to the following:

<screen-segment display-name-resource="closenessQualifierTitle" display
      <label id="spend_label"
             display-name="Amount to spend:"/>
      <textInput id="spend_textInput" placeholder-name="spend_value"/>

The matching item-properties section in template must contain a property named closenessQualifiers, which contains the PMDL information required to build the closeness qualifier. The property would be similar to the following:

  <property name="closenessQualifiers">

    <property name="pmdlRule">
      <comparator name="greater-than-or-equals">
          <string-value> ${spend_value} </string-value>

You cannot nest multiple item-properties elements within a property element.

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