The atg.commerce.pricing.PropertyRangeShippingCalculator class is a highly flexible shipping calculator that identifies an item property and adds the value provided to each item in the shipping group together to create a shipping group total. The total falls into one of the ranges specified in the ranges property, which provides a shipping cost for each range.

For example, all items may have a property called weight that correlates to the weight of the item in pounds. To base shipping cost on the cumulative weight total, you set the PropertyRangeShippingCalculator propertyName property to weight. If your shipping group has three items, each of which has a weight of 1, Oracle ATG Web Commerce calculates a total of three and uses the ranges property to determine how much to charge. The range property takes the format of low:high:price and holds these options:


In this example, shipping charges total $4.50. Note that keyword MAX_VALUE indicates the maximum possible value in the range.

The PropertyRangeShippingCalculator also contains the following properties:

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