You can configure Commerce to remove unused coupon-based promotions from the user’s profile during processing. This feature tidies up promotions that customers have qualified for, but did not use on an order. The process is as follows:

If unused promotions are not removed, those promotions remain on the customer’s profile and can be used on a later order (if the customer qualifies) without re-entering the coupon code.

To enable unused coupon removal, set the removeUnusedCouponBasedPromotions property of the RemoveUnusedPromotions component to true. The default is false. If set to true, the ProcRemoveUnusedPromotions pipeline processor in the processOrder pipeline chain looks at each promotion’s status and removes promotions that meet all of the following criteria:

If the customer wants to enable this feature, the RemoveUnusedPromotions.enabled property must be set to true. The default is false.

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