Oracle ATG Web Commerce provides the ability to create and manage gift certificates and coupons. (Collectively, these are sometimes referred to as “claimable items” in Commerce.) By providing gift certificates as an option for your customers, you can increase sales and attract new business. Coupons can also help increase your customer base (for example, by including them in a cold call e-mail campaign), but more importantly they provide an alternative way to deliver promotions to your existing customers.

If you are using Oracle ATG Web Commerce’s multisite feature, you can specify at the time of coupon creation whether users can claim the coupon on any site, or only sites to which the associated promotion is limited. See the ATG Merchandising Guide for Business Users for information.

The claimable item system in Commerce is made up of three components:

  • The Claimable repository

  • The ClaimableTools component

  • The ClaimableManager component

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