As described in the Qualifier Properties section, the Qualifer class includes a number of Boolean filters that determine how the Qualifier treats items it is evaluating. You may want to use a standard set of filters for most situations, but have a few special cases in which you want to override the normal filtering.

In order to do this, create an additional qualifier service component and configure the filter flags as necessary for your special case. Then set the qualifierService property of the promotion repository item to the new qualifier component. The qualifierService property is an expert property that is not available through Oracle ATG Web Commerce Merchandising, but can be set manually or through the ACC. The qualifierService property is null by default; if set, it overrides the pricing engine’s determination of which qualifier to apply.

Some examples of circumstances in which you may want to override filters are:

  • You want an item that is the target of an item promotion to be eligible to act as a qualifying item for a shipping promotion; set filterForQualifierDiscountedByAnyDiscountId to false.

  • You want an item to simultaneously be the qualifier and the target, for instance “Buy 4 shirts for $20.” The promotion should have the following structure:

    • Discount type = fixed price

    • Adjuster = $2.50

    • Qualifier=‘For next 4 product whose category is shirt’

    • Target=‘up to 4 product whose category is shirt’

    In addition, set the filterForTargetActedAsQualifierForAnyDiscount property to false.

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