This section describes the process to copy the contents of one database to another database. It can be used, for example, to copy the updated contents of the product catalog/price lists database on an Administration server to the product catalog/price lists database on a Staging server.

Note: You must have read, write and delete permissions, as well as import and export permissions, to perform the database copy. If you do not have the appropriate permissions, ask your database administrator to copy the database.

To perform a database copy of the product catalog and price lists data:

  1. Make sure the configuration file of the DBCopier you are using has been updated to account for any database tables you have created or deleted. (See Configuring a Database Copy for a code example of a DBCopier configuration file.)

  2. Access the main Commerce Administration page of the Dynamo Administration UI using the port appropriate for your application server. See the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide to find the default port. For example, on JBoss the default URL is:


    Note: Your application must include the Dynamo Administration UI in order for you to access this page.

  3. Click the Copy Commerce Data link.

    The system displays the Product Catalog and Price Lists Copy page.

  4. Enter the Server Name, Username, and Password for the Source database.

  5. Enter the Server Name, Username, and Password for the Destination database.

  6. Click the Copy button.

    The contents of the Source database are copied into the Destination database. Note that the time it takes to perform the database copy depends on the size of the database.

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