In order for users to view a catalog, they must have that catalog assigned to their profile. The catalog assumes the existence of a catalog property for the user repository item. The catalog property is a derived property. You can set it in either the user’s myCatalog property or the catalog property of the contract for the user’s parentOrganization. If myCatalog is set, the parent organization’s setting is ignored.

Oracle ATG Web Commerce adds CatalogProfilePropertySetter and PriceListProfilePropertySetter components to the profilePropertySetters property of the /atg/dynamo/servlet/dafpipeline/ProfilePropertyServlet component in the DAF servlet pipeline:


For the profile’s catalog property, the CatalogProfilePropertySetter calls the determineCatalog method of the /atg/commerce/catalog/CatalogTools component (class atg.commerce.catalog.custom.CustomCatalogTools). This method invokes the /atg/commerce/util/ContextValueRetriever component, which is the primary mechanism for identifying the catalog to assign so that the appropriate items can be displayed. See ContextValueRetriever Class for more information.

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