By default, the Personalization module is configured to use a SQL database to store profiles. To use an LDAP directory instead, you need to configure the following Personalization module components to work with the LDAP repository.




The profileRepository property of the ProfileTools component needs to point to an LDAP repository instance, rather than a SQL profile repository. Set the profileRepository property to the Nucleus address of your LDAP profile repository component, for example:


The defaultProfileType property of ProfileTools needs to specify the name of the item descriptor to which the Profile repository item belongs. By default, this property is set to user. If your LDAP repository definition uses a different name for the Profile item descriptor, set the defaultProfileType property accordingly.

Unless the LDAP profile item descriptor contains a securityStatus property, you should set the enableSecurityStatus property of ProfileTools to false.


You may have to modify the PropertyManager from its standard configuration to match the LDAP password encryption scheme. See the LDAP Password Encryption topic in this section.