In a multisite environment, all Web sites supported by your ATG instance typically use the same pages (for example, all sites have the same login page, possibly called login.jsp). The pages contain code that controls the display of content, making it appropriate for each site. Be aware that any slot you add to a page will therefore display the same content on all your sites unless you configure it otherwise.

There are several methods for configuring slots to display site-specific content.

Note: For slots that are filled by a multisite targeter, be aware of the following behavior with session-scoped slots. A session-scoped slot is filled with the items on the current site when the slot is first requested. Subsequent requests will use the items that were filled on the first request, regardless of the current site. The following situation is therefore possible: a user logs into Site A and views items from the current site via a session-scoped slot. When the user switches to Site B, the slot still displays items from Site A.

For more information on site context and working with pages in a multisite environment, refer to the ATG Multisite Administration Guide.