The PropertyManager keeps track of information about important profile properties. This includes system-wide functionality that manages “well known” properties that the personalization engine expects. For example, most personalization systems rely on a login profile property. You may want to change the exact name of that property due to legacy issues with different systems (for instance, a system may need to call it username rather than login). This service allows you to configure the Personalization module to know the name it should use when dealing with these expected profile properties. This component is used by the ProfileTools.locateUserFromLogin method, which builds a Repository query looking for people with a specific login property. You can use this service to configure the name that this method uses for the login property.

The PropertyManager also provides configuration properties to determine if the Personalization module should be using a one-way hash of a password or store it as clear text in the database, and to specify the hashing algorithm. For more information, see the Password Hashing section of this chapter.