You can use the ACC’s Targeting > Content Groups window to define rules that group content items, based on the available item descriptors for your content repository. Installations that include ATG Content Administration can use the Targeting and Segmentation interface in the ATG Business Control Center to perform this task. Note that only the Business Control Center supports multisite content groups.

Content groups can help simplify your targeting rules. For example, you could create a content group with information for guest users, and then write a targeter for displaying the content in this group.

Content groups created in the UIs are of class atg.targeting.DynamicContentGroup. You can also define a content group by hand, by creating a component whose class is atg.targeting.RuleBasedRepositoryItemGroup, and placing the component in the configuration tree at /atg/registry/RepositoryGroups/<repository name>, where <repository name> is a folder that has the same name as the content repository that contains the content included in the content group.

Content groups that you create by hand appear in the UIs but cannot be edited there. However, they are still available in the UIs to use in creating targeters. Note, however, that multisite features are not supported by the ACC.

To create a content group by hand:

  1. Create a rule set service that defines the content to include in the content group. See the Setting Up a RuleSetService section.

  2. In the ACC, select Pages and Components > by Path.

  3. Select /atg/registry/RepositoryGroups/<repositoryname>, where <repositoryname> is a folder that has the same name as the repository that contains the content included in the content group.

  4. From the File menu, select New Component.

  5. In the Select Component Template dialog box, select Dynamo from the Modules list, and then select Generic Component from the Templates list. Click OK.

  6. In the Generic Component Wizard, specify the class as atg.targeting.RuleBasedRepositoryItemGroup. Click Finish.

  7. In the Input New Component Name dialog box, enter a name for the content group, and click OK.

    The component is created, and opens in the Component Editor.

  8. In the Component Editor, set the Configured Value of the repository property to the Nucleus address of the content repository; for example, /atg/adapter/html/TargetedContent.

  9. Set the Configured Value of the ruleSetService property to the Nucleus address of the rule set service you created in step 1; for example, /atg/targeting/StockFundsRuleSetService.