The passwordHasher property of the /atg/userprofiling/PropertyManager component points to a password hasher component that handles password encryption. By default, this property is set as follows:


Change this property to ensure consistency with the LDAP password encryption method you’ve chosen. For Oracle Directory Server, set the passwordHasher property like this:


The NDSPasswordHasher component supports SHA or no encryption. Set the encryption property of the /atg/adapter/ldap/NDSPasswordHasher to the appropriate value:


to use SHA password encryption, or


to disable password encryption.

For LDAP servers other than Oracle Directory Server, you may need to create your own PasswordHasher implementation, if none of the PasswordHasher implementations included in the ATG platform meet your requirements. See the Password Hashing section in the Customizing Application Security chapter of the ATG Platform Programming Guide for more information about ATG’s PasswordHasher implementations.

See User Profiling Tools in the Working with User Profiles chapter for more information about configuring the PropertyManager component.