This section describes how to create profile and content groups by hand. For information about creating profile and content groups through the ACC interface, see the ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users. For information about creating content groups through the Business Control Center, refer to the ATG Business Control Center User's Guide.


  • In ATG installations that include ATG Content Administration and the Business Control Center, user segments replace profile groups as a way of grouping site visitors. User segments contain the same basic functionality as profile groups but provide additional features, including a more flexible rule editor. User segments are intended to supersede profile groups and are the recommended tool for grouping site visitors in installations where they are available. For detailed information on user segments, refer to the ATG Business Control Center User's Guide.

  • You cannot create a profile or content group, either by hand or through the UIs, that compares a target or a repository property to a bean property. While you can use bean properties in rule sets in targeters, you cannot do the same in profile or content groups. This is because profile and content groups may be evaluated without an accompanying request or session. For example, when you are sending targeted e-mail to a collection of people, there is no way for the ATG system to evaluate a reference to what could be a request or a session-scoped bean. The properties to which you compare a repository or a target property must be other target properties or constants.