The Item Retrieval setting defines how the system cycles through the content items in the slot.

Item Retrieval



(int value 2)

Items display once each. When an item has been displayed, the system removes it from the list of items in the slot. After the system has displayed all items on the list, the slot is empty, unless contributing scenarios add new items.


(int value 1)

Items display multiple times in rotation. When an item is displayed, the system moves it to the end of the list. The system does not remove items from the list, so the slot never becomes empty. Other contributing scenarios can add content items to the rotation, but to remove any items, you must explicitly clear the slot by adding a Remove Items from Slot element to a scenario.


(int value 0)

Similar to destructive mode, except that items are not removed from the list, and the order of the list does not change.

This option corresponds to retrieval (property of type int) in the slot component .properties file.